Surrey Hills Running Club

The Surrey Hills Running Club is a Strava group that was created to allow like-minded runners to meet and run together on the Surrey Hills. Individuals taking part must take responsibility for their own safety and well-being during group runs.

What to expect

A run, primarily on trail, out in the Surrey Hills at an easy pace. The distance is usually somewhere between 10 and 30 miles.  The route is defined and published beforehand including distance, start and end points and a time to meet.

The idea is for the group to run together and this means running at the pace of the slowest runner. You are welcome to break away and press on ahead but then you are on your own!

What to bring

  • Trail shoes and running kit suitable for the weather
  • A backpack or race vest to carry kit, food and water
  • Enough food and water to keep you going for the full duration of the run
  • Waterproofs
  • A spare base layer
  • A mobile phone
  • Some cash and a bank card
  • A map and compass or GPS device

If using a GPS device then it’s a good idea to load the route onto it.

A couple of useful apps for your phone are OS Maps and Uber.

What if I get lost?

If, for whatever reason, you are separated from the group the first thing to do is try to figure out where you are using your map, GPS or phone.  Next try to phone the run leader  and establish if it will be possible to meet up somewhere. If you can’t get in contact or rejoining the group isn’t going to be possible then figure out how to get to the end point. Options include running your own route to the end, running to a nearby village and arranging for someone to collect you or running to the nearest road and using Uber.

What if I’m injured?

If you aren’t able to run or walk to the nearest road then now is the time to call the emergency services.  If you are still with the group then one or more of the group will remain with you until you have been safely recovered.  If the injury is less serious then make a plan with the group to get to a nearby village or road from where a taxi can be called to get you back to your car or home.

What if I’ve just had enough?

Discuss with the group whether there are options for shortening the route. If everyone else wants to continue with the planned route then you are free to leave the group and make your own way back.

Sample Runs

Here are a few group runs to give a flavour of what to expect.