The first view of Cefalu Finally, the first beer Looking up to La Rocca The Norman Cathedral The Castle on La Rocca The beach at Cefalu Sunset Dusk on the beach A grocer open late Lights across the bay A drink in front of the Cathedral Looking down from the castle And again down to the beach Testing the remote control Zucchini Lungo Another Sunset Isnello Gangi Brioche (ice-cream in a roll) Setting off to Monte San Salvatore A Nebrodi Fir Madonna dell'Alto Pumice works on Lipari Up at the crater on Vulcano Looking back up to Vulcano Mud baths Another view of Vulcano The Cattedrale in Palermo Corso Vittorio Emanuele A market in Vucciria Vucciria A run down building in Vucciria Starting up to Monte San Calogero A bird of prey Still climbing Looking down to Termini Imerese Our transport for the week