I grew up in South Africa in a home where crafts were valued. As a child my mother would make salt dough for my brother and I to play with and I learned at an early age to understand and appreciate the value of traditional handcrafts. As an adult I began taking pottery lessons and, immediately falling in love with clay, knew that I wanted to be a potter.

My current interest is in making work that uses the cone as a basic shape. I am unsure as to why I was drawn to this shape; perhaps it is because the triangle symbolises completion which appeals to my sense of order. My work is inspired by a traditional country style, but with a fresh, modern interpretation.

I work from my own studio which is an old barn alongside the Hogsmill River. All work is thrown on the wheel and my chosen medium is porcelain for all its qualities of delicacy, colour and translucency. Although I make work that is functional, I do like to focus on the more decorative, such as bowls for beautiful objects and jugs for summer flowers and so on. I see my pottery in a range of environments: as commercial art installations or small scale embellishments within a domestic setting.

The shifting ideas of my work confirm that ceramics continues to be a wonderful journey with new ideas and innovative methods of construction.



7 January, 20092005 Samantha Pickup | Updated 19 April, 2008